Biz4Biz awards evening!

We had a wonderful evening at our first ever awards ceremony, the Biz4Biz awards at Tewin Bury farm.


Following a successful company presentation we were shortlisted finalists and invited to their impressive Awards Gala Evening.


We were lucky enough to experience an action packed evening hosted by the lovely Fiona Bruce!

In addition to the impressive line up of finalists we were entertained by a live artist, who painted 2 pictures in front of us which were then auctioned for charity!


We were spoilt with a fantastic group with the brilliant name Bella and the Bourbon Boys, a magician called Sylar, a silent auction and a roulette table!


Unfortunately, we weren’t successful this time round, however we do have another chance at an award at the SME Hertfordshire Business Awards in a few weeks time!


Many thanks to the team at Biz4Biz who created a memorable evening of fun, glamour and excitement!

Heather Mustard