How to write the perfect job ad

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With unemployment at an all time low since the 1970’s, in today’s competitive market sourcing the best talent is more difficult than ever. To your surprise, the reason may be in your job advert.

Making your job advert stand out from the crowd can be a challenge, especially if you’re recruiting for roles in a particularly competitive industry. When you’re focusing too hard on getting noticed, it can be all too easy to forget about the basics.

We have therefore put together a few handy tips so you can attract the right candidates!

1.       Job title

Arguably the most important part of the job ad, choose a title that has recognisable key words and one that candidates are likely to search on, avoid using jargon! You can use the body of your advert to explain what the job is, the detail doesn’t need to be in the title.

2.       Focus on the good bits!

By crafting aspirational descriptions, which are both informative and attractive, prospective candidates are more likely to apply for your advertised job.

Including a more detailed list of your company’s perks and benefits at the top of your job description is also a great way to boost applications and attract those top candidates. Here at Red Door, we always include a ‘what’s in it for you?’ section, specifying the benefits you will receive such as, holiday allowance, free parking, or social events!

Candidates can afford to be picky in the current market, so it is important to highlight not only the details of what the role would entail, but also what the prospective company could offer them.

3.       Don’t put potential applicants off with a mundane list of duties…

No matter how attractive your position is, a dull and dreary description of day-to-day activities is likely to turn off even the most determined of applicants.

So to make sure you’re not losing candidates after the first line, always make sure your job advert is clear, concise, and easy-to-digest – including headings and bullet points wherever possible.

Indeed, whilst covering the essentials (e.g. duties and required skills) is vital, that doesn’t mean you can’t write your job ad in a tone that’s exciting, engaging, and representative of the company.

That way, you’ll be able to paint a positive (yet realistic) picture of the working environment.

4.       Make it unique and keep it updated

It’s important to remember that every job is different, meaning every advert should be too. Therefore, take the time to put together a description and person specification based specifically on the vacancy you’re hiring for.

Not only will this make your job ad more accurate, it’ll also ensure it’s interesting and free of generalisations.

In addition, as most job boards will allow you to edit your advert once it’s live, always make sure you’re frequently monitoring and modifying it if you aren’t getting the response you expected.

 5.       Mention the salary

The truth is, even if your company is a superb place to work with great culture and lots of perks, salary matters!

The number one reason for listing a salary (or at least a range) is attracting more people. Job adverts with a listed salary attract up to 30% more applicants! What’s more, those that do apply know exactly what to hope for. This way, you eliminate anyone who’s too expensive for your budget right at the beginning of the process.

Ultimately though, the biggest reason to list the salary in your job advert is to motivate those looking to change jobs. For over 70% of people who quit jobs, salary is their primary reason for a change in the workplace. If they know that you are offering more, they will be much more likely to envision you as their next employer.

6.       Finally, check, check, check again!

Making silly grammatical errors in your job advert could not only reflect badly on you and the company, they may also jeopardise the clarity of your job description and specifications; making it harder for candidates to figure out if the role is right for them.

So, before you put your advert live, proof read it more than once – checking for typos, grammatical errors, and contrived phrases and industry jargon. Having a colleague check over it as a second pair of eyes is a great way to avoid any overlooked mistakes!

At the end of the day, if you want high calibre candidates to apply for your job, they certainly won’t be impressed or apply for your job if there are mistakes from your end.

You may not know this but Red Door offer a FREE job ad writing service! So if you are struggling, send us the key information and we can put it together for you!

Heather Mustard