Graduates! Could recruitment be the next step for you?

Through childhood, school and university, few people find themselves daydreaming about a career in recruitment. It’s a role that often flies under the radar for younger people – a vital part of how businesses work but rarely highlighted as a desirable role.

That’s why it’s so incredible that year after year, graduates choose recruitment as their next step after university. It seems as if the atmosphere, challenge and benefits of recruitment are simply too hard to resist.

Read on to see why recruitment continues to be such a popular choice for graduates – and why it checks so many of the boxes the best talent is looking for.

Achievable career progression

From the start, recruitment can be enormously varied. It gives graduates a chance to exercise a wide range of muscles, from sales and marketing to customer service. But as consultants begin to find their strongest areas, most recruitment jobs offer structured progression.

It’s a role that appeals to graduates because they can see long-term security and endless opportunity. As they learn new skills, they can take on more responsibility, work on more diverse tasks and – crucially – earn more money.

A lifetime of learning

Those first few weeks and months after graduation can be a challenging time. While some degrees come with built-in career paths that seem obvious, many graduates find themselves wondering what comes next. At the same time, they’re trying to transition from a culture of learning to putting all those skills into practice.

Life as a recruitment consultant strikes the balance between the skills graduates already have and the skills they’re yet to develop. Through graduate programmes, on-the-job training and online learning, graduates can use one of their most proven skills – the ability to listen, learn and leverage information to improve their expertise.

In recruitment, no two days are the same and no single approach can solve every problem. When graduates choose recruitment, they’ll always be learning, developing and growing through their careers.

High earning potential from day one

The big promise of an undergraduate degree is the ability to secure better opportunities and, ultimately, more money. But the realities of a hyper-competitive market mean that finding highly paid roles is much more difficult than it sounds.

Recruitment doesn’t just give people a chance to earn more money in five or ten years as they progress up the ladder. Most agencies offer a strong base salary with uncapped performance-related compensation, allowing graduates to take control of how much they earn from day one.

Work on a global stage

Finally, recruitment appeals to graduates in a personal sense as well as a professional one. The ability to travel and work overseas is just one incentive.

As an example of this, one of our own recruiters has now secured a role working in Sydney, Australia at a recruitment company because of the valuable experience she gained working here at Red Door Recruitment!

Within a single role, graduates may work on accounts for international clients, or help recruit talent for a satellite office in a new market. Equally, many recruiters can work remotely or on the move, giving them the freedom to choose their own location and, in some cases, become an expert on talent in a given region.

So what are you waiting for? We work with some fantastic, local recruitment agencies who could open up an unlimited amount of opportunities to you! Give us a call if you are considering a career in recruitment and want to talk about it in more detail or email your CV to

Heather Mustard